Jim McCaulley – Iowa County


A resident of Iowa County for 29 1/2 years, Jim has been involved in the Legislative Committee and CREP Implementation. The former Mayor of Dodgeville, Iowa County’s largest town, for 20 years, Jim knows the ins-and-outs of what he calls “God’s County”.

What previous experiences/education prepared you for your position as a County Conservationist? 

Business/Economics Degree from UW-P, 10 years of active dairy and crop farming in adult life (besides the years growing up on the home farm with 10 brothers and sisters), 24 years as a public official in local Dodgeville government (20yrs as Mayor), and 35 years on the Iowa County Conservation Congress.

What does the future of Wisconsin conservation look like? 

Challenged! Especially as it is related to our water resource utilization and protection.

How would you improve the state of conservation in Wisconsin? 

Stronger and more effective environmental protection laws. Stronger and more effective support for local conservation delivery efforts.

What is your county’s most valuable natural resource? 


What is one interesting fact about your county that few people may know? 

It’s diversity… we have dairy, beef, hogs, chickens, corn, soybeans, hay, vegetables (14sq. miles of center pivot irrigation), trees, fish, wind, and recreation… 3 state parks, a county park, a bike trail, a water way and that’s only the northern ½ of the County!

What is your favorite outdoor activity in your county? 

Keeping our farms going with my kids and grandkids and deer hunting.