Pete Sorce – Washington County


Serving on the Washington County Board since 2005, WI Land+Water board chair and the self-proclaimed “city boy” has proven to be a valuable advocate for conservation in Wisconsin. We asked Supervisor Sorce to share his experience and thoughts on the future of conservation in Wisconsin. 

What committee or positions have you held with WI Land+Water?

I am the WI Land+Water board chair, serve on the Executive Committee andLegislative/Administrative Committee. It’s a real honor for me to be involved in WI Land+Water and I will always give 110% and do my best to keep us going.

How long have you been on the County Board/Conservation Committee?

I’ve served on the county board for 9 years total, and have been appointed to the LCC for the past 5 years.

What other County Board Committees do you participate in?

I am on a number of committees for various affiliations. For Washington County I am Chair of the Administrative Services, and serve on the parks and planning, home consortium, joint tax review, and advisory committees.

The governor appointed me to the State’s medical mediation panel and public records committees. I also serve on the Claims Advisory Committee for County Mutual.

What made you decide to run for County Board?

While on the condo association, a board member for the village of Germantown approached me about running for a seat on the board. After some persuasion, I ran as a write-in and won. Once I started to get involved in village business, I realized many of my friends were also in politics. One of my first accomplishments came when I was able to get a stoplight up at a busy intersection. It felt good to be able to provide this for my community. And realized that this success was in part due to my political connections and that I could help in other areas as well. In 2005, I was asked to run for Washington County Board and have been with the county ever since.

Why do you think it is important to be active on the Conservation Committee?

When I was first asked to be on the board, I responded with, “but I’m a city boy!” Washington County Conservationist, Paul Sebo invited me to a committee meeting and realized how many conservation-related issues I always took for granted. That first meeting gave me many ideas about how I could help, given my political connections. I became involved in WI Land+Water’s committees and started to form better relationships with the farmers and learned more about what was needed for successful conservation efforts. I like reporting to my constituents on what is going on around the state watch them get excited too.

What does the future of Wisconsin conservation look like?

My experience at the NACD conferences has shown me that Wisconsin is in pretty good shape. Our conservationists are especially dedicated and I believe the future is bright.

How would you improve the state of conservation in Wisconsin?

Most importantly, we have to secure our funding. We also need to determine what is most important and prioritize. With a clear vision, we need to work with our legislators for support.

What is you county’s most valuable Natural Resources

Bordered by Lake Michigan, water has always been a valued resource and we need to make sure it is preserved.

What is one interesting fact about your county?

Washington County has an exceptional County Conservationist heading the department. Paul Sebo works very closely with farmers to help them manage their farms. Whenever an issue arises, Paul is out there with them. His dedication to conservation energizes the committee members.

What is your favorite outdoor activity in your county?

I am an avid golfer. Walking around the golf course on a nice day with friends is a great way to relieve stress and build relationships.