Technical Photo Gallery Submission Process

The Technical Committee solicits your help developing this resource to share some of your best work and experiences getting conservation on the ground. This Gallery shares conservation and engineering achievements and potential solutions for unique sites that exhibit creative or unique engineering solutions. The Gallery provides users with quality examples of Best Management Practices that:

  • Address a resource concern
  • Demonstrate that the engineering solution was properly implemented*
  • Demonstrate that the engineering solution was appropriate for the site
  • Demonstrate that the engineered solution resolved the resource concern
*The Gallery will also accept photos showing construction issues or challenges that occur on-site where corrective action was needed by the inspecting field technician.

All submissions will be reviewed quarterly by a Technical Committee subgroup to ensure compliance with the above goals and these additional criteria:

  • The engineering solution is novel to the Gallery
  • The site is unique or provides a challenging situation
  • The engineering solution complies with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations
  • The photo has the appropriate permissions to share publicly (permission from photography, pictured persons, landowner, or other identifiable personal/proprietary property)

Thank you for contributing to this shared resource.