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WI Land+Water Commends Unanimous Endorsement of Recommended Water Quality Goals by the State Land and Water Conservation Board

MADISON –  On October 2, 2018, the Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Board unanimously endorsed water quality goals recommended by WI Land+Water’s Food, Land and Water (FLW) Project. Addressing both surface and groundwater>>> Read full release

Failure and a call for patience amid rising farm pollution of state waters

By Steven Verburg, Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin is failing to keep farm pollution from its water … “Failing not because conservationists and farmers don’t know what to do, but because society does not expect agriculture to protect the environment.” >>>Read full article

Preventing ‘brown water events’ in Wisconsin not a done deal

By Steven Verburg, Wisconsin State Journal

The Natural Resources Board approved long-awaited new rules Wednesday aimed at keeping dairy manure out of drinking water in 15 eastern Wisconsin counties. >>>Read full article

WI Land+Water Applauds Unanimous Adoption of NR 151 Revisions by the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board

MADISON –  Wisconsin’s Natural Resources Board unanimously approved new rules today to increase groundwater protection across 15 counties in Eastern Wisconsin. In a collective >>> Read full release

Meuers win 2016 Wisconsin Conservation Farmers of the Year

By Ben Rodgers, Chilton Times Journal Staff

August 11, 2016 — David and Leslie Meuer have incorporated conservation into their farm since day 1. This year they have been recognized with the 2016 Conservation Farmers of the year award. >>> Read full article

Groundwater: The battle over “free” water in Wisconsin.

By Jim VandenBrook, Executive Director of Wisconsin Land+Water

May, 2016 — Wisconsin has become a legal battleground over the pumping of groundwater. And it looks like it will not end anytime soon. How did we get here? >>> Read full article

Drawing the Future of Conservation: Statewide Poster Contest Gives Students the Opportunity to Learn About Conservation

By Scott Hennelly, Communications Specialist at Wisconsin Land+Water     

April 2016 — A poster can promote the next president, advertise a product and excite moviegoers. But can it teach kids about conservation? >>> Read full article